About Ben

It’s a little weird to write about myself [as myself] but here goes. Let’s see.. I spend lots of time with the love of my life-my wife, Kaile [pronounced Kay-lah, if you don’t know her!]. As Christians, we pray, worship, read, write, think, bike, cook, travel, sip coffee, and do our best to enjoy the journey of life and invest ourselves in the lives of others.

Kaile and I welcomed into the family our first child, Silas Everett, on January 31st, 2015. Words fail to communicate our joy, yet we have also experienced our fair share of new difficulties. Adjusting to parenthood is no easy task! We prayed throughout the pregnancy and in our preparations for parenthood that God would teach us more about how he parents us. Over Silas’s first year, we have grown as a family and learned what entirely unfettered joy looks like in a person. Silas embodies a deep and enduring zest for existence. Except when he’s grumpy or hungry or tired.

Our second child joined us this Fall here in San Francisco on September 30th. Affectionately known as Mr. Tiny, our second son brims with energy and life. Currently, he loves blended vegetables and looking out the window-oh, and Matchbox cars and his older brother’s toy food collection.

Regarding my life in pastoral ministry, I worked closely with high school students and in pastoral care at Grace Episcopal Church in East Grand Rapids for several years before a God-directed transition to serve in a different local church called RiverTree Community Church. We did music together alongside a committed team of talented volunteers. I also did preaching/teaching.

In May of 2015 I completed the Master of Divinity program at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Additionally, I finished the ordination process in the Reformed Church in America and finished ordination in December of 2016.

My life journey led me, most recently, to a job in San Francisco, California as a youth pastor [among other things, naturally]. It’s quite a culture shift moving from West Michigan to the extreme West coast. I began on May 1st, and learned a lot.

In early May, 2017, I was laid off. City Church is in the process of streamlining their model for parish ministry, and in the process they were forced to let several staff members go. I was one of them. So, we are here in San Francisco still, discerning the next steps God has for us. We are incredibly sad to leave the community that we have come to love so much, but this is the reality we are facing. Thankfully, our feelings of loss are balanced with a sense of hope for the future. We choose to trust that God will continue to be good to us in the weeks and months ahead.


Thanks for checking out my blog. Get a hold of me on social media if you’d like to continue a conversation begun here.

Here are a few more pictures. Enjoy!


First, my not-all-that-serious wife, Kaile [pronounced Kay-lah] trying on my [old] glasses!


Then, there’s Silas and me and our hair that’s way too long. I believe we were out doing adventures at this point, hiking by the Golden Gate bridge.


Here’s a shot of some of my youth group. I love these young ones, especially all of them.


This is Maelin, our second son, more commonly known as Mr. Tiny. We were locked out of the house a while back and tried to make the most of it.


This is a way-too-honest picture of us. These pictures are rare. I tell you the truth.


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