Missing My Wife: A Prayer for the Dearest Person I Have


Photo credit for the oil painting, “Embrace,” goes to Josie Trudgeon. Her other works can be found at her website. Many thanks to her for offering images that speak beyond written ideas. 


This is a prayer for people who are missing someone dear to them. It came to me during the first night [ever] spent away from my dearest wife, Kaile [pronounced Kay-lah]. 

Gracious God, I ask that you, in your mercy, would reveal to my eyes new dimensions of the depth of your love for me as I, waiting for her return, learn new dimensions of my love for my dear wife. Help us to grow through our time apart, and teach us through our separateness that you are the one and only constant factor in a life of transience and change. May the love we learn to show to each other mirror the love you have for us, and also teach us to love you more. God, it is through our intercessor Jesus that we pray this, and all through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.