Prayers of the [Hurting] People.


Merciful God,

Knowing us better than we know ourselves, you are fully aware of the difficulties we face because you face them with us. So fill us with gratefulness for your mercies that we, with broken spirits, may again turn our eyes toward you, our creator, sustainer, and redeemer. We pray through the interceder, Jesus, who experienced life in its fullness, and through the Holy Spirit, now working in our midst, for unique situations brought about by the complexities of life.


For those separated from loved ones by death or great distance, grant your comfort;

For those seeking meaningful employment, grant hope and opportunity;

For young couples desiring direction, grant vision;

For children who are hurting from life’s many systemic evils, grant strength;

For couples who feel they have lost each other over years of marriage, grant restoration;

For aged persons who feel others have abandoned them, grant encouragement;

For mothers and fathers who have lost their children literally or emotionally, grant your faith and healing;

For couples who have sought to conceive, grant patience;

For single persons who desire companionship and intimacy, grant companionship and love;


For all people, in every situation life brings, we pray that you, faithful Father, would care for their unique needs. Use your church, the body of Christ on earth, as your instrument; and, in your mercy and for your purposes, use me.

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