Digital Distance :: Disagreeing Well in the Age of Social Media

For going on 13 years, I have been connected to social media.

13 years!

That’s a stint, for sure. I’ve been on Facebook for just about as long as it has been a thing [I joined in 2005 with a .edu college account]. Facebook started in 2004. I hopped on the Twitter wagon in 2008; it started in 2006, and at that point I had Tweets coming to me in the form of a text to my *non* smart phone. Oh, and for that wonderful combination of images and text, Instagram, I joined in 2012, two years after its inception [there’s a trend here!].

The digital connection with others has some big pluses, but a few significant drawbacks as well. I want to focus on the problem of anonymity.

Maybe you’ve also had that experience where someone goes postal on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed. Controversy can even invade the gentle Instagram community, despite their profound efforts to make it as positive as possible.

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