A Prayer for Anxiety

St. John the Baptist

This is a prayer for today, June 2nd 2014.


Or, it is a prayer for any day during which concern gives way to worry.

Or, it is a prayer for a community going through change.

Or, it is a prayer for a family experiencing something new and different together.

Or, it may reflect the response to difficult realities that saints of old faced down before their death or exile.

Or, it may speak to something you are going through currently.



Giver of Life,

Mercifully grant that we, your undeserving inheritors, may steward your gifts well. So imbue us with gratefulness for your love that our anxiety gives way to blissful contentment, our fear to godly anticipation, and our worry to graceful hope; for your sake we ask this through the Son and in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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